Wasteland - New York 2011

Life in New York is not easy, the rents are high, mostly poorly paid jobs, highly restricted personal freedom and the mega metropolis that has grown from five cities into one, gradually begins to decay.
But nowhere else in the world seems the aggresive rollerblading scene, that has often been considered dead and disappeared from the mainstream media long time ago, to be so much alive, as here.
The signs are everywhere: waxed stone edges, roll marks on the walls... The architecture of the city is misused, skating is illegal or at least undesirable in most places, a constant cat-and-mouse game with the police.
For many, extreme sports is an escape from everyday life, each "session" is an adventure deep into the night, searching for new "skateable" spots is tireless and each new trick is further step extending your personal limit.
The groups of skaters who find themselves together daily, come from all different background, from all parts of the city, those who have grown up in the ghettos of the Bronx or Brooklyn would probably be part of a gang or dead, if it was not for their love of skating.
The golden days of the nineties, where this sport was so strong are over, rollerblading is underground.
It's not about getting rich or famous, or to be the best, but to see the world from a different perspective, to transform the city into your personal playground, to push your own limits and to share this with other like-minded people.
Wasteland is a portrait of a forgotten subculture ...
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